Do you want to do a Bible reading plan but need to start on a specific day, do it for a specific amount of time, or need to pick specific books?

My Bible Plans was created to help people create and read custom Bible reading plans.

Key Features
  • Choose any combination of books from the Bible
  • Start on any day
  • Last for any amount of time up to a year
  • Follow your reading plan by email, RSS (like Google Reader) or this website

How to last on a Bible reading plan: forgive missed days

This is the THE key for forming the habit of reading through the Bible on a reading plan: personal forgiveness for missing days.

You are right because of God's verdict, not your reading plan allegiance.

Your justification is from Christ through trusting him. Not through reading every chapter in your Bible reading plan. A broken man can read from his Bible reading plan 1 day, and miss 5, and consider it God's grace that he read it one day. A proud man beats himself up for missing 3 days, and then quits his plan or doubles up his resolution and seeks to accomplish his goals in the flesh. Be the broken man and keep going.

There's nothing wrong with skipping yesterday's chapters.

Acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with reading Genesis 12, 13, 14... missing 4 days... and then reading Genesis 20, 21, 22 without knowing what happens in between. Wouldn't you have just otherwise just opened the Bible to a place randomly without reading the preceding chapters anyway?

If you must know what happens, scan the section headings for a summary.

Don't worry: If you stay on a reading plan, you'll eventually read those skipped chapters.

Summary: no matter how many days you've missed, just start with today's reading. That's so much better than stressing out over how many days you've missed.